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Founded in 2002 by Rudolf Booker, Payvision is a fast growing, independent Payment Solution Provider specialized in Global Card Payments for the e-Commerce market. Payvision offers Acquiring Banks, Agents, Payment Service Providers, ISO, MSPs and their Merchants a secure PCI DSS Compliant, PSD Licensed International Payment Processing Network enhanced with innovative technology.


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Global Card Payments Processing

Over the past decade, Payvision has consistently expanded its geographical footprint across the continents, resulting in vast knowledge and insight in the complexity of Card Payments in a global market subject to great changes. Changes triggered by tremendous business growth, requiring technical innovation and a strong focus on security in cross-border e-commerce between different regions, each with its own set of rules and regulations.


Payvision’ s experience in the different international regions has resulted in a global network of global acquiring banks, connecting over 300 trusted business partners with more than 5000 web merchants worldwide, for which we process over 100 million transactions a year.


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Global Presence

With offices in Europe, the USA and Asia and a variety of Partnership Programs with ISO, PSP and MSPs, Payvision has established business relationships with Global Acquiring Banks in the different regions.


Multi-Currency and All Regional Card Settlements

Payvision offers its customers a Multi-Currency Platform, conversion in 150+ Transaction Currencies and all regional Card Settlement Currencies, as supported by major Card Organizations.


Worldwide presence keeps Payvision up-to-date about with major business trends, interchange rates and changing regional regulations, knowledge which we share with our customers.


Trusted Business Partner

Our professionals are passionate about providing you with advice concerning global card payment solutions which are customized to your specific business needs. We help you to expand your business regardless of intercontinental limitations, interchange rates, compliance issues and risks to be managed.


  • Over 100 million transactions a year
  • A Global Network of Acquiring Banks
  • Network of 300+ Business Partners servicing 5000+ Merchants
  • Innovative Next-Generation Reporting Interface
  • 150+ Transaction Currencies
  • All regional Card Settlement Currencies
  • Interchange Optimization
  • White Label Solution
  • Cross-border KYC Screening


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