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France is internationally renowned for its export of local products and services with great international appeal. High e-commerce turnover and a large population make the Grande Nation a worthwhile market. With 79.6% of the French population (~53 million) online, France has currently 31.7 million active online shoppers; online sales rose to 45 billion euros in 2012 and are expected to soar to €70 billion by 2015. According to a recent PwC study, in 2013 France attracted only 5% of new web-buyers making their first purchase in the past year, compared to 21% in 2012, meaning the online shopping market in France is very mature and settled.

Children have become consumers in a booming e-commerce market, but before merchants can tap into the great potential of this huge consumer group, parents need to be reassured, that their kids play & pay in a protected online environment, within the limits of parental consent. This requires a secure, innovative payment solution; a platform, which safeguards kids’ privacy and gives parents’ full control of their teenagers’ online spending. This solution has been developed by Virtual Piggy and it has the power to become a great business enabler.

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