Secure E-commerce Solutions for Children - Virtual Piggy Case Study


Children have become consumers in a booming e-commerce market, but before merchants can tap into the great potential of this huge consumer group, parents need to be reassured, that their kids play & pay in a protected online environment, within the limits of parental consent. This requires a secure, innovative payment solution; a platform, which safeguards kids’ privacy and gives parents’ full control of their teenagers’ online spending. This solution has been developed by Virtual Piggy and it has the power to become a great business enabler.


Virtual Piggy was founded in 2009, in California, and has successfully provided merchants, parents and their kids around the globe with the first e-commerce solution, which permits kids to manage and spend money within a parental-controlled environment. Merchants are being offered a secure solution, which enables them to monetize kids, by registering and integrating the Virtual Piggy Checkout button on their website. This presents payment services providers and their e-merchants with a great opportunity to seize the momentum, within a responsible, family-friendly environment. Kids subscribe to, or buy virtual goods, products and services from e-merchants, approved by their parents, who gain full control over the amounts, charged to their bank account, through PayPal or card payment transactions. As part of Virtual Piggy’s vision on social responsibility, kids are empowered to save money and to donate to charity.





The Online Gaming Industry is a growing branch of e-commerce, which is very appealing to kids, particularly in Asia, Europe and the US. These markets can benefit tremendously from Virtual Piggy’s solution. As an independent global card processor, specialized in the online payment industry, Payvision has built an extensive global acquiring network. By partnering with Payvision, Virtual Piggy can speed up a global roll-out of a unique solution, which embodies social responsibility, by empowering parents, while allowing their children to enjoy the benefits of e-commerce and play within a protected environment. Payvision’s experts understand each and every aspect of global e-commerce, including the shifting landscape of mobile payments. This has become relevant in a world in which teens increasingly use their mobiles to engage online. By connecting to Payvision, e-merchants which are integrated with Virtual Piggy, are able process in 150+ transaction currencies and all regional card settlements, thus expanding their global presence, through profitable cross-border e-commerce.



Secure E-commerce Solutions for Children - Virtual Piggy Case Study



Virtual Piggy and Payvision share a common expertise in the complexity of risk management. Privacy rules and regulations vary per country, but parents worldwide faces similar challenges when it comes to their children’s’ privacy and online protection. The need to regulate and control card payments, on behalf of teens, while securing their personal data and meeting parental consent requirements, isn’t limited to geographical boundaries. By fulfilling this global need, Virtual Piggy becomes a great business enabler and by connecting its clients to Payvision’s global network, parents and their kids worldwide can benefit from this innovative solution.


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