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Rudolf Booker, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Payvision and Acapture

Rudolf, the founder and CEO of Payvision Group, is a forward-thinking entrepreneur who has decades of experience driving sales growth in the payments industry.

Rudolf understands market trends, and in the earliest years of ecommerce envisaged the potential of online payment processing. He invested in innovative solutions to support the expansion of the ecommerce and payments industry. He focuses on strategy, leadership, innovation, and customers, leading to significant company growth.

He has built a solid, global network of acquiring banks, international payments service providers and merchants. This global network continues to expand into emerging and established markets, as a proof of his holistic vision.


Gijs op de Weegh, Chief Operating Officer at Payvision and Acapture

As the COO of Payvision Group, Gijs has been the driving force behind the innovative payment solutions for Payvision and Acapture, ensuring consistent business growth and increasing profit. In an increasingly complex and global business environment, Gijs oversees the ongoing business operations within the company, development and implementation of Payvision’s overall corporate strategy, including business development, joint ventures and strategic investments. 


Thorough insight into global payment services enables Gijs to understand the dynamics behind current trends, and anticipate the future developments of the industry. Gijs joined Payvision in 2002 as the Head of Legal and Financial Operations, after previously working in the banking and financial industry. He later became responsible for Payvision’s global operations.


Cheng Liem Li, Chief Commercial Officer at Payvision and Acapture

After previously working in the ICT and telecom industry, Cheng became CCO of Payvision in 2005.

He is responsible for growth and market expansion by cultivating and nurturing strong, successful partnerships with International acquirers, BIN sponsors, payment service providers and merchants.

Cheng’s dedication and commitment aided in the development of Payvision’s and Acapture’s sales practices, pursuing higher sales grow, creating faster responses to market transitions, redefining ROI, and establishing a measurable, productive sales funnel.

Cheng’s energetic commitment to Payvision’s business partners has built him a reputation of a trusted advisor, his enthusiasm and drive inspires those who work with him. Cheng is a motivator who believes that through joint effort will enable partners of Payvision to successfully expand their business beyond borders.


Christopher Martlew, Chief Technology Officer at Payvision and Acapture

Christopher Martlew, Chief Technology Officer at Payvision and AcaptureAs CTO at Payvision and Acapture, Chris leads the IT teams in developing innovative products whilst delivering a highly-reliable platform service. He enjoys the ‘FinTech challenge’ of marrying high-speed agility with robustness and good governance.

From building mission-critical ecommerce solutions to global payment systems, Chris brings over 20 years’ experience in building several successful internet-facing organizations.

He has previously held senior executive positions with large multi-nationals as well as (PE-funded) start-ups and scale-ups. Initially trained in Computer Science, Chris also holds an MBA from London Kingston University.



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