Comparing Chinese Cross-border Ecommerce Trends and opportunities with Europe and the US

Tapping into China - Comparing Chinese Ecommerce Trends And Opportunities With The West

Cross-border Ecommerce China Europe US ReportStep aside, Europe and the US. Last year, China surpassed the US in total ecommerce sales, giving rise to a new online global super-power. Driven by high levels of mobile penetration, it marks the dawn of an exciting era for Asian international business.


But it is only the tip of the iceberg. Other factors, both organic and deliberate, have created perfect conditions for a cross-border ecommerce explosion in China.


Meanwhile, established markets in the West such as the US and Western Europe are witnessing a downturn in growth. With a large percentage of the population already buying online, saturation points are gradually being reached, causing future concern for growth in their domestic markets. Merchants are turning to cross-border ecommerce to drive business.


This white paper compares the cultural differences, payment trends, social influences and customer expectations in the emerging market of China with established markets in Europe and the US.


China may have now exceeded the US in ecommerce sales value, but with only 14 percent of the Chinese population currently buying online, China is exceptional not only for the value it has driven today, but the potential it holds for tomorrow.


Harnessing the key market differences, the latest government opportunities and the organic energy for cross-border ecommerce paves the way for a successful and rewarding international business venture.


This is how to tap into China.


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Download Tapping Into China

Download Tapping Into China
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