Key Business Drivers and Opportunities in Cross-Border Ecommerce 2015

Entering an Omnichannel World, 2015

Key Business Drivers and Opportunities in Cross-Border EcommerceCovering key trade figures between the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe and other major markets such as the United States and China, our 2015 report is one of the most comprehensive reports on cross-border ecommerce available.


A 2016 version of this report is available here.


In light of the recent EU Brexit referendum, this paper also gives useful insight into the current flow of trade from UK, the EU and the rest of the world.


The report is the result of a collaborative survey with, in which merchants, PSPs, acquirers and consultants were polled on their cross-border ecommerce strategies, business drivers and challenges. Industry experts from organizations such as Travix International, Western Union, STJ Retail and Flying Lynx give their candid opinions on international business. Topics such as the explosion of mcommerce, how to be an omnichannel merchant, and tackling compliance complexities are discussed.


Cross-border online shopping has existed for many years, despite hefty import duties, long delivery times and complicated return processes. Today, merchants are focused on improving this experience. Factors such as the growth of marketplaces, improved Internet speed and cleaner checkout processes have provoked a positive shift in cross-border ecommerce. Explosive use of mcommerce has led to a more connected consumer with an expectation for omnichannel experiences. Our annual white paper explores the business drivers and opportunities for online merchants to pursue a seamless international business. The layout by region allows for easy navigation, quick drilling down and extraction of key data from markets of interest.


China was the strongest ecommerce market at the end of 2014 by some margin, and growth rates are still strong despite a rocky economy in 2015. Our survey results indicate that, not only are merchants more engaged in cross-border ecommerce, they are focusing on emerging markets more than ever before. In an increasingly omnichannel world, companies that can handle the complexities of operating globally will take the lead.


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Download Key Business Drivers 2015

Download Key Business Drivers 2015
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