Charges and refunds 

Can I save a card and charge it later?

It is possible to store a card as a standalone token without making a payment and use it later. We offer an innovative and reusable solution [CopyandPay] in case you don’t want to store or transmit the card number.

How do I credit a customer?

Payvision will provide an invoice for all services that have been delivered in a specific month. Components of the invoice are transaction fees (per payment method), gateway fees, risk fees and periodic fees. Besides the fees, the invoice contains your company details, our company details, an invoice number and, if required, our bank details. If possible, Payvision will deduct the invoiced amount from your next settlement. Should you have any questions about this solution, please contact your Account Manager.

Do you support partial refunds and multiple refunds?

Yes, Payvision does support partial and multiple refunds (maximum 100% of original payment amount).

How can I issue a refund?

Wherever possible, refunds are processed through the same channels as the original payment. When this is not possible, a refund can be initiated to the bank account/IBAN of the consumer. Refunds can be initiated from within BIP or using our refund API call.

Can I cancel a refund.

No, we cannot cancel a refund.