Fraud management

Smarter fraud management is here. Now you can have both security and profits, without losing genuine business.

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If you’ve got 99 problems, fraud doesn’t have to be one

E-commerce fraud has never been a more severe threat. On average, it now costs 2.4% of revenue for online retailers. That’s serious business – and the problem worsens every year.

The good news? We’re here to take care of it for you. Our comprehensive fraud solution is designed to give you peace of mind and increase your bottom line.

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  • Prevent fraud on all stripes

    Curb payment fraud, account takeover, content abuse, promotion abuse and more.

  • Fewer chargebacks

    Highly precise fraud detection means you can prevent chargebacks before they’re filed.

  • Reduce manual review

    Lower your workload with our reliable automated system.

  • Prevent false positives

    Block your genuine customers and you could lose them forever. Don’t let that happen.

  • Maximize conversion

    Capture more business and enjoy an uplift in your authorization rates.

  • Enhance the customer journey

    Give your shoppers a smoother buying experience to keep them coming back for more.

Powered by the best of human and machine intelligence

Most fraud managers are realizing that they can't just rely on traditional rule-based solutions anymore. These programs not only demand time-intensive manual review, they’re also inflexible and highly prone to error. More often than not, they lead to false positives, locking out honest customers along the way.

Payvision’s fraud solution sidesteps all of these issues. Using the latest machine learning techniques, our program adapts to your shopper profiles to offer a truly customized solution at speed and scale. This allows you to accurately and instantly predict whether a transaction is trustworthy or not, so you can improve the experience for your genuine customers while keeping fraudsters at bay.

How it works


In real time, Payvision’s industry-specific machine learning models produce a fraud score based on constant evaluation of countless data sets and signals related to each transaction.


These fraud scores determine the workflow to make business decisions. Should the transaction be accepted or rejected? Escalated for manual review? Or dynamically trigger 3D Secure?


The outcomes of these decisions are fed back into the machine learning models so they can continuously learn and adapt.


The result: your organization prevents real world fraud scenarios with unparalleled accuracy, without compromising your conversion.

Packed with features you’ll love

Device fingerprint

Tell your honest customers apart from fraudsters based on the unique configuration of their device. You can also see if the device has already been flagged as fraudulent in our network.

Dynamic 3D Secure

Send targeted transactions for authentication through 3D Secure to improve conversion while limiting your fraud risk.


Get a clear overview of your chargeback rates and transaction statuses, so you can leverage these insights for optimized fraud screening.

Tailor-made for your organization

No two businesses are identical. That’s why our fraud models are trained to target the unique needs and fraud threats of your enterprise.

Fully customizable

No coding experience? No problem. Make quick adjustments on the fly to block or accept orders, or even trigger 3D Secure dynamically whenever you want.

Seamless integration

Get off to a swift start no matter which platform you’re using. Our fraud solution is designed to integrate smoothly into your workflow. No time-consuming integration, no switching between systems.

Fine-tuned for unmatched accuracy

As a payment service provider with in-house acquiring solutions, Payvision has access to vast amounts of payments data that we use to enrich our machine learning models. That means our fraud solution is backed by the most current and accurate data in the market to keep you at the top of your game.

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