Global Card Processing

Michiel van der Burgh

Michiel van der Burgh
Vice President
Account Management

By offering innovative technological solutions for next-generation payment processing, Payvision and its partners share the benefits of a solid revenue stream based on a secure global acquiring network

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We help you to expand your business regardless of intercontinental limitations, interchange rates, compliance issues and risks to be managed. Building non-competitive relationships with other acquiring banks allows financial institutions to expand their geographical footprint. Acquirers, PSPs and their merchants are more and more interested in expanding their payment processing capabilities into different regions and industries. Payvision’s one global acquiring platform connects them to an international network with global business opportunities.

By connecting to Payvision, acquirers provide their merchants with access to global business opportunities, enabling consumers around the world to have access to a diversity of merchants, shops, and goods.

Resellers and their international merchants will benefit by connecting to our secure full-service payment processing platform. Acquiring banks benefit from our expertise in cultural, legal and linguistic challenges that domestic acquiring banks face when trying to expand internationally. Our professionals provide you with advice about the right payment solutions, customized to your specific cross-border business needs.

In the last decade, Payvision independently built an international network of business relationships with acquiring banks, PSPs, ISOs and their global merchants in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Worldwide offices


Payvision connects your merchants to international acquiring banks through ONE solid and secure card payments processing platform, allied with a full-service model including a high-end innovative reporting interface. This enables our customers to track, manage, analyze and control their international payment transactions.

One legally approved underwriting protocol mitigates risk during the customer acceptance process. Once the customer is accepted, Payvision manages and monitors all transactions processed through our secure payment solutions in PCI compliance with internationally approved enhanced due diligence procedures.


Payvision’s global acquiring network and innovative payment processing platform support your ecommerce business growth. Our success in expanding your geographical footprint across the globe ultimately leads to joint profit and long-term benefits.


Together with Payvision you are prepared for the future!



  • ONE single high-end reporting interface for worldwide transactions
  • Global domestic acquiring with the same quality in each region
  • Innovative technology
  • Multi-currency processing / conversion
  • 150+ transaction currencies and regional card settlement currencies
  • Risk and fraud management solutions
  • PSD licensed international payment processing network


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