Online Shopping Infographic; Cross-Border eCommerce in China 2012


Download: Online shopping Infographic; Cross-Border Ecommerce in China The Facts & Figures in our Online Shopping Infographic for China are testimony of a giant Market with great promises for Cross-Border eCommerce opportunities. As one of the emerging BRIC countries, 564 million Chinese regularly surf the Web, 242 million of which have purchased goods and services from web shops, generating $190 Bn Sales in 2012; a year, in which the average Chinese online shopper spent $840, up 25% from 2011. Ecommerce showed a 78% CAGR, in a market in which Taobao remained market leader for C2C transactions, while Tmall was the most popular B2C e-retail platform. Both market leaders are branches of Alibaba Group, which also owns Alipay, China’s online payment platform, with over 700 million registered accounts. In 2012, Alibaba handled $170 Bn Sales through Taobao and Tmall. Competing Tenpay currently covers over 20% of the Chinese market and new players such as Jingdong, DangDang and Tencent are steadily gaining a larger slice of the giant pie. Dangdang enjoys growing popularity amongst mobile shoppers.


A 2014 version of this infographic, with the latest facts and figures, is now available here.


In terms of Card Schemes, the Chinese payment landscape is dominated by UnionPay, which was founded a decade ago by the State Council and the Chinese Central Bank. UnionPay has 2.9 Bn Cards in circulation and is accepted in 135 countries worldwide. Card payment volume is expected to grow with 17% from 2012-2013. Total card payment volume for 2012 already reached $1.6 trillion. BoC, ICBC China, CCB and ABC and Bank of Communication are China’s leading Acquirers.


Online retail shopping generated $210 Bn in sales, followed by online travel which increased with 70% from 2011-2012. Online gaming covers 32% of the global gaming market with 120 million Chinese e-gamers. With such a vast territory to cover and a potential market of 564 netizens, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Chinese merchants have been primarily focused on their domestic market, but as online trade is maturing, business opportunities for profitable cross-border ecommerce are increasing. Cross-border B2C and C2C ecommerce trade revenue reached $326 Bn, a 25% growth from the previous year. Chinese online shoppers prefer to buy from the USA, UK and Japan, but web shops in France and New Zealand are also gaining in popularity. Cross-border shopping is motivated by pricing and brands unavailability in China. Chinese outbound e-trade figures boomed in Argentina, Israel and Ukraine where a growing amount of consumers buys from Chinese web shops. This infographic also takes language into consideration, as a cross-border ecommerce driver for all stakeholders involved in online card payments. Chinese language is spoken by 1.2 billion people worldwide, 50 million of whom live outside of China.


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Infographic China download form 2012

Infographic China download form 2012
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