Online Shopping Infographic; Cross-border Ecommerce in Italy 2013


Download: Online shopping Infographic; Cross-Border Ecommerce in ItalyThe facts and figures in this online shopping cross-border ecommerce infographic reflect the Italian ecommerce market.


Italy’s ecommerce market is still finding its feet, with a relatively low proportion of urban population and an Internet penetration rate under 60%. With 15.8 million online consumers, only 44% of the population, and online shopping sales of EUR 11 billion, Italy’s ecommerce is still underdeveloped.


Italian consumers are, however, tapping into mobile as an online shopping channel. Mobile penetration is one of the highest in Europe at 159%, and Italy also has a strong level of smartphone penetration at over 64%. The usage of retail apps showed the strongest year-over-year increase of 74.8%. The preferred operating system is Android with almost over 67.3% market share.


The Italian ecommerce market is driven by consumer electronics, driving a value of EUR 817 million in 2013. eBay is the leading player in internet retailing in Italy, followed by


30% of online consumers in Italy are cross-border shoppers. The primary destinations are the UK and Germany. Cross-border ecommerce export does not match import as only one in four Italian merchants sell abroad, but those who do mostly sell to Germany, Spain and the UK.


The preferred online payment method in Italy is credit and debit card at 25.6%, followed by PayPal at 22.7%. Visa and MasterCard dominate the credit card market.


This infographic also takes language into consideration as a cross-border ecommerce driver for all stakeholders. The main language of Italy is Italian, spoken by 93% of the population. The countries with the highest proportion of Italian speakers are found in Switzerland, Malta, the US and Canada.


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Download Infographic Italy 2013

Download Infographic Italy 2013
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