Online Shopping Infographic; Cross-border Ecommerce in Mexico 2014

Download: Online shopping Infographic; Cross-Border Ecommerce in MexicoThe facts and figures in this online shopping cross-border ecommerce infographic reflect the Mexican ecommerce market.


Mexico is the second largest ecommerce market in Latin America, but only 13% of the population is currently buying online. Online shopping sales reaching USD 11 billion in 2014, substantially growing during the last few years.


Mexican customers are mobile-savvy, with 85 percent mobile penetration. Consumers generally use more than one platform to purchase their goods and services; 3 in 4 shoppers used their smartphones to make online purchases.


The Mexico ecommerce market is driven largely consumer electronics, accounting for almost USD 1 billion in value. Consumers are less frequent users of cross-border ecommerce than consumers in Brazil, the Latin American ecommerce leader. Only one third of Mexican online consumers have ordered from abroad.


The online payment landscape in Mexico is made up of mostly cash payments, but shoppers also frequently pay with credit card.


This infographic also takes language into consideration as a cross-border ecommerce driver for all stakeholders. 95% of the 123.8 million population of Mexico speaks Spanish. Mexico shares a border with the US, where there is a growing Spanish speaking population of 44 million. This represents 12.8% of the total US population and the largest national Spanish-speaking community outside of Mexico.


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Download Infographic Mexico 2014

Download Infographic Mexico 2014
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