Online Shopping Infographic; Cross-border Ecommerce in New Zealand 2014

Download: Online shopping Infographic; Cross-Border Ecommerce in New ZealandThe facts and figures in this online shopping cross-border ecommerce infographic reflect the New Zealand ecommerce market.


New Zealand is a leading country in the Oceania region, and has a well-connected ecommerce market with almost 90% of the population connected to the Internet. Online shopping sales reached NZD 4.2 billion in 2014.


New Zealand has high mobile penetration rates, with 60% of the population owning smartphones. The preferred mobile operating system is Android with almost 65 percent of the market share.


New Zealand’s ecommerce market is driven by media products, including books, CDs, DVDs and games. This category accounts for over NZD 225 million. Kiwi consumers are more comfortable with cross-border ecommerce, being in a remote part of the world. Kiwi’s spent NZD 1.3 billion on websites based overseas in 2014.


The online payment landscape in the New Zealand is made up of mostly credit cards but shoppers also frequently pay by debit card.


This infographic also takes language into consideration as a cross-border ecommerce driver for all stakeholders. English is the main language of New Zealand, spoken by over 95% of the population. Maori is spoken by 4%.


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Download Infographic New Zealand 2014

Download Infographic New Zealand 2014
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