Online Shopping Infographic; Cross-border Ecommerce in Singapore 2013


Download: Online shopping Infographic; Cross-Border Ecommerce in SingaporeThe facts and figures in this online shopping cross-border ecommerce infographic reflect the Singaporean ecommerce market.


The Singapore has a small but strong ecommerce market, with 100% urban population and almost 95% of the 5.4 million population buying online in 2013. Online shopping sales reached USD 3.5 billion and compound annual growth was 7.7% 2008 to 2013.


Singaporean consumers are turning to mobile as an online shopping channel, with 35% of smartphone owners making purchases via their device. Mobile penetration is very high at 156%, and Singapore has a high level of smartphone penetration at 87%. Indeed, 73% of Singapore consumers would leave a physical store if, after consulting their smartphone, they found the product cheaper somewhere else. Android and iOS almost equally share mobile OS preference in Singapore, 50% and 49% respectively.


The Singaporean ecommerce market is driven by clothing and footwear for female shoppers. Men, however, mostly buy technology and consumer electronics. Amazon is the leading player in internet retailing in Singapore, followed by Apple.


Of the Asian-Pacific countries, Singapore had the highest estimated share of cross-border ecommerce in 2013; 55% of ecommerce transactions are conducted cross-border. The primary destination is the US, accounting for 52% of all cross-border purchases. The cross-border ecommerce export market is considerably lower than the import, with approximately 20% made up mostly of travel-related purchases.


The preferred online payment methods in Singapore are cash and credit card, with 40% and 39% preference respectively. Visa has the majority share of the credit card market with over 57%.


This infographic also takes language into consideration as a cross-border ecommerce driver for all stakeholders. English is considered the main language of Singapore and is one of the only countries in the South East Asia region that uses English as a working language. Approximately 74% of Singapore's residents are Chinese, 13.4% are Malaysian, 9.2% Indians and the Singaporean government recognizes four official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.


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Download Infographic Singapore 2013

Download Infographic Singapore 2013
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