Online Shopping Infographic; Cross-border Ecommerce in South Africa 2014

Download: Online shopping Infographic; Cross-Border Ecommerce in South AfricaThe facts and figures in this Online Shopping Cross-Border Ecommerce Infographic reflect the South African ecommerce market.


South Africa’s ecommerce market, next to major world markets, is comparatively under developed. With less than half the population have Internet access, there are around 16 and a half million online consumers. Online shopping sales were USD 361.9 million in 2014.


However, mobile penetration in South Africa is remarkably high at almost 130%, with almost 50% of the population owning smartphones. The preferred mobile operating system is Blackberry. Almost a quarter of shoppers in South Africa use their mobile phone for online purchasing.


The South African ecommerce market is driven by media products, accounting for USD 134 million value. South African consumers mostly purchase from South African websites, but are also familiar with cross-border ecommerce, the third most visited ecommerce website in South Africa is, the US version of the website.


The online payment landscape in South Africa is dominated by cards; half is made up of either credit or debit card payments.


This infographic also takes language into consideration as a cross-border ecommerce driver for all stakeholders. English is the fourth most spread language in South Africa after Zulu, Xhosa and Afrikaans.


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Download Infographic South Africa 2014

Download Infographic South Africa 2014
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