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Rudolf Booker Payvision

Awarded ‘Best Acquirer’ at MPE Berlin 2016 and ‘Best Merchant Acquirer/Processor’ at the 2015 Payments Awards, Payvision has constantly proven to be one of the most dynamic innovators in the payments industry. We have been focused on designing secure global payment solutions for the modern merchant needs to support international success.

Rudolf Booker
Chief Executive Officer And Founder
Gijs op de Weegh Payvision

With payments becoming a commodity and with the increased focus on omnichannel, the future lies in data. When used thoroughly, consumer data completes the shopping experience and boosts both the online and offline conversion, overcoming basic issues such as shopping card abandonment.

Gijs op de Weegh
Chief Operating Officer
Gijs op de Weegh's blog
payvision innovative payments specialist

Payvision offers an award-winning acquiring service for ecommerce players, ranging from micro-merchants to big brands, giving access to a full suite of omnichannel tools behind one central interface, with unified reporting.

Cheng Liem Li
Chief Commercial Officer
Cheng Liem Li's blog
payvision innovative payments specialist

In our industry, it is less about platform availability and performance – these are taken as read and are the price of entry. It’s more about agility and crafting amazing and innovative products for clients.

Christopher Martlew
Chief Technology Officer
payvision innovative payments specialist

With Payvision’s web-based reporter you can track, analyze and manage your global transactions from a single, HTML5-ready interface. Reporting becomes a cutting-edge user experience.

Adolfo Gabriel Sanz
Vice President Software Development
payvision risk management specialist

Payvision is a trusted payment solution partner that turns your business vision into a success.

Anthony Goh Ken Yong
Senior Manager Risk & Underwriting (APAC)
payvision innovative payments specialist

Payvision’s high-end infrastructure is built on an ultra-secure, highly reliable architecture, providing availability to its customers according to the highest business standards.

Christophe Vico
Vice President Infrastructure
Christophe Vico's blog
payvision risk management specialist

Payvision is the ideal partner for ensuring compliance with the many regulatory and legislative requirements of operating internationally, thanks to its global scope and expertise.

Ignacio González-Páramo
Vice President, Global Compliance
& Regulatory Affairs
Ignacio González-Páramo's blog
payvision innovative payments specialist

Working with acquirers around the world and bringing the key solutions providers together to make easy and accessible platforms is key for enabling widespread expansion opportunities. Payvision’s client-centric approach enables merchants to navigate new territories with confidence and efficiency.

Joe Emig
Vice President, Business Development
for International Acquiring
Joe Emig's blog
innovative payments specialist

We offer our clients state-of-the-art technology, our platform is unhindered by legacy issues.

Jose Maria Gonzalez
Vice President Software Development
payvision innovative payments specialist

At Payvision we’re constantly strategizing about ways to provide our customers with better services, from basic customer procedures to big data science initiatives, we’re always working hard to remove friction in the payment process.

Nathan Trousdell
Director, Strategy
& Corporate Development
payvision sharing payment expertise specialist

Building non-competitive relationships allows financial institutions and merchants to expand their geographical footprint. Connecting to our global acquiring network ensures our partners expand internationally and maximize their revenues.

Rolf Visser
Vice President Global Marketing
payvision risk management specialist

Years of expertise, executing enhanced customer identification, ensures enhanced due diligence and thorough risk mitigation.

Sherry Ann Osmond
Director of Underwriting


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