The Mobile Payments Revolution

How to be ready for the Tipping Point

Mobile Payments RevolutionM-commerce – shopping on a mobile device online – has seen steady growth over the past years, but unlike in Asia, using a mobile device for in-store payment – mPOS – has floundered in the West. But with a new focus on omnichannel experiences, we are sitting on the edge of a mobile payments revolution. mPOS is expected to grow by 1000 percent, with a majority share still coming from the Asia Pacific region, but a far higher percentage from Europe and US.


The big names; the tech giants like Apple, the card schemes and the major retailers, will make mobile payment tomorrow’s norm. Small and medium businesses must capitalize on this, and arm themselves with the correct tools to ride the wave into tomorrow.


For some small and medium merchants, this is a daunting prospect. Tapping into mobile payments to create an omnichannel experience can be an unchartered territory to navigate. But merchants can partner with a trusted, innovative mobile payments provider to set them up with a fully integrated solution.


This white paper looks at the rolling wave of mobile payments, m-commerce and mPOS across all global markets including Asia, Europe and the US. It addresses consumer preferences and behavior, helping us understand why the mobile payments revolution is finally redefining the payments landscape, and ultimately how merchants should capitalize on it.


Never before has it been so important for retailers and merchants to invest in a mobile-compatible strategy.


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Download Mobile Payments Revolution

Download Mobile Payments Revolution
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