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Digital Identity Service Providers (DISPs); connecting a fragmented e-Identity Market

Report: DISPs connecting a fragmented e-Identity Market This e-identity report explores the crucial role Digital Identity Service Providers (DISP) play, in a fragmented e-identity market; an innovative, connecting role, very similar to that of international payment service providers in the secure global online payment landscape. The internet is a great business driver, while its relative anonymity poses risks, which need to be mitigated during the e-identification process.


Over the past decade, service providers, web merchants, financial institutions and governments (relying parties) developed exclusive solutions, based on their specific security needs. DISPs can offer one set of e-identity solutions to relying parties. This one solution liberates relying parties from the complexities involved in having to integrate separate multiple solutions of different levels of assurance (LOA).


A great variety of fit for purpose e-identity solutions has led to a situation in which digital users need to remember their log-in credentials for each e-service they access, resulting in a large digital keychain, often lacking in a high Level of Assurance (LOA). This amounts to an increase of fraud risk (i.e. ID theft).


This report defines three generations of e-identity solutions; the direct model, the platform and the trust framework. Each generation has its advantages and limitations for both users and relying parties. A DISP could offer relying parties a combination of second and third generation solutions. We will highlight the phases in which DISPs will emerge, ultimately leading to a landscape in which DISPs will be interconnecting various solutions, evolving into a broker role within a trust framework.


A network of DISPs will justify investing in higher LOAs. Payment Service Providers have solved a similar problem for merchants, offering the multitude of payment services through one connection. This same model can be applied to the fragmented e-identity market: Digital Identity Service Providers will be a new category of service providers who will make it possible to offer ‘identity on demand’ to relying parties.


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