Acquiring Banks

Connect and grow your global footprint

Payvision is an independent global payment solution provider, specialized in ecommerce card payment processing. We offer domestic acquiring banks, Payment Service Providers, ISOs and their merchants a PCI compliant, PSD licensed, international payment network enhanced with the latest technology.


Acquiring banks

Our definition of an acquiring bank is a financial institution that accepts credit card payment transactions, manages card settlements, mitigates risk and provides payment solution providers, ISOs and their merchants with reporting functionality.


Secure global payment network

Payvision connects an acquiring bank to a secure global network of PSPs, ISOs and their merchants. Through this connection you can expand your global presence and increase your potential revenue stream. Additionally, Payvision solves the complexities around risk management, technology and enterprise application integration, leading to reduced costs.


Risk management

Mitigating risk in a fast-paced ecommerce market requires enormous flexibility and a considerable investment. Offering merchant services involves legal expertise, which can burden departments with time-consuming implementation cycles, costly processes and complex project management and maintainence. Our key experts have been involved in ecommerce from day one and are passionate about advising you about cost-effective payment solutions that are designed for your specific business needs.


International card payment processing

A variety of partnership programs give you access to our international network of PSPs, ISOs and MSPs with wide global merchant portfolios.You can build business relationships with other cross-border financial institutions in the USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. You benefit from our high multi-currency transaction volume and proven track-record, a testimony to the reliability of our global payment solutions.


We offer:

  • A short and complex-free implementation cycle
  • A secure global payment processing platform
  • Customized settlement reports
  • Risk management and enhanced due diligence protocols


Knowledge and insight about ecommerce

For the past decade, Payvision has consistently expanded its geographical footprint across all continents. We have knowledge and insight into the complexity of ecommerce in a challenging international market. We are experts in obstacles such as technical innovation, changing business needs and an increasingly demanding regulatory landscape.


Full-service payment processing platform

Payvision acts as your trusted advisor and connects your acquiring bank to a solid payment processing platform. This platform connects your bank to our international network of Payment Service Providers, ISO and MSPs, adding increased transparency to the industry.


Partner with Payvision. Connect and grow.

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