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Mazda teams up with Payvision for seamless payments

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Andrea Seamands

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A partnership for a better customer experience in today’s innovative automotive market

Mazda put roots down in Europe back in 1967 when they started full-scale exports to the Union. Since then, they’ve grown extensively, now offering sales and services in 30 countries around Europe. What’s the latest? The launch of their first-ever electric vehicle, the Mazda MX-30 SUV, with deliveries expected mid-2020.

The challenge

It was the end of March 2019, and Mazda Motor Europe was revved up for the unveiling of their first fully electric vehicle, the MX-30. With plans to announce the sleek new edition on October 23 at the Tokyo Motor Show, they were facing a tight timeline. Seven months, to be exact – so it was all hands on deck.

One of the most crucial elements in the entire equation was ensuring customers could pay and reserve their brand-new wheels the day after the announcement.

“We needed a localized, pan-European processing platform that supported our customers’ reservations in their own preferred payment methods and currencies,” explained Bart Mathot, who heads up the Commercial Customer Experience team at Mazda Motor Europe.

In a nutshell, what Mazda was looking for wasn’t your standard payments setup for preordering vehicles. The solution needed to be able to help customers make their reservations on a user-friendly platform that fit seamlessly into the experience, after which they’d get an invitation to order their car at a dealership. At that stage, they would either be able to continue with their purchase or they could cancel. In either case a refund would be made.

“With so many elements at play in the setup of our vehicle reservations, it was very important to find a partner who could take all of the operational worries off our hands,” said Bart.

Our solution

Enter Payvision. Mazda’s long-standing, trusted relationship with ING Belgium meant they were confident in working with one of their newest Dutch-based fintech partners. To start, ING got together with Mazda to work out the direction of where Payvision could take the project.

After a good first impression, ING introduced us to Mazda, making sure they were there along the way to support and help reach the most effective outcome. With our global acquiring network, omnichannel solutions and open, collaborative approach, it was clear we were the ideal fit for tackling the challenge at hand.

“From day one, Payvision’s dedicated managers were at our offices or in touch with all relevant stakeholders,” Bart explained. “They collaborated with our Financial, Project and IT Managers to brainstorm and align on building the best payment solution for the Mazda MX-30 orders.”

The Mazda teams were clear on their requirements: a customizable checkout that fit smoothly into the customer experience. They didn’t want any hiccups to distract buyers along the way. So when they asked for a multilingual platform for the wider European market, we delivered a checkout that’s now available in 15 languages.

A localized payments experience was also at the top of Mazda’s list. That needed to be the case for the back-end approach as well. It was critical to shift their payments setup from standard invoicing to an online, all-in-one payments solution.

“We have so many local dealers and offices to coordinate with, so we really needed innovative options for our MX-30 reservation system that would connect and streamline the orders,” said Bart.

To that end, our knowledgeable Technical Integration team was essential in designing a product that would exceed Mazda’s expectations. They worked tirelessly to build, test and tweak the customized solution for Mazda until both parties were certain they’d nailed it.

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The results

With our shared collaborative mindset, we delivered a secure, reliable payments solution that went live in just six months and is accepting customer reservations. Preordering a Mazda MX-30 from all over Europe is now a piece of cake.

The new checkout platform didn’t just make it straightforward for customers to preorder Mazda’s newest electric vehicle – it also ensured processes were simplified internally for Mazda. The centralized solution makes it easy for dealer sales spread throughout various countries, with all collections handled directly from their European Finance headquarters in Belgium.

The scalable payments platform was also built with a plug-and-play format in mind, so it’s ready to be expanded further into other vehicle lines, or to offer localized services in those countries.

“Payvision’s teams were flexible, creative and reliable—from Customer Experience, Technical Integration and Sales to Finance and Legal—giving us all the answers to questions on risk, fraud management, 3DS2 and more,” said Bart. “It was refreshing to work with such a forward-thinking company that’s equipped with the right tools and technology to create custom solutions.”

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