How does implementation with a PSP work? Watch our video to find out

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Andrea Seamands
Andrea Seamands

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The onboarding process isn’t always known as the most fun part of a payments setup. But not to worry – we’ve got the recipe for a smooth ride. With our dedicated teams, we’ll take care of you every step of the way. That means from our very first conversation all the way to going live and keeping your setup optimized.

Curious to know more about what that looks like with us? Check out the steps in detail:

1. Application stage

The first step of the process involves us gathering some info from you so we can get your account set up. But we’ve made that straightforward and streamlined with a checklist of all the documents needed for our Underwriting team to complete the KYC processing. Your Business Development Manager will make sure you’ve shared everything we need to get started on setting up your account. And if you have any questions along the way, they’re always there to help.

2. Contract setup

As soon as we’ve collected all the necessary info from you, it’s time to set up a contract. We make our contracts as uncomplicated as can be. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting. You’ll receive your Merchant Agreement with all of our terms and conditions outlined in full.

Our Legal team is always on hand to demystify the details if you’ve got questions. And of course, your Account Manager can help clear up any other points you’re wondering about. Then all you have to do is review everything and return it to us for countersigning.

3. Platform integration

Congrats! Now that we’re partners, we can get you integrated and set up to start processing payments. Our skilled Implementation team will make sure everything is connected and ready to go. They’ll be there along the way to guide you through the integration and give tips on the best approach.

You’ll always have access to our Developer portal too, so you can check out all the nuts and bolts. All of our API guides are available there, as well as any information you’re looking for on specific plugins like Woocommerce, Lightspeed and more. Plus, with our one RESTful API, integration will be easy as pie for your developers.

4. You’re live!

After a little teamwork magic and TLC, you’ll be live and accepting payments. And our collaboration doesn’t end here. Your Business Development Manager will show you how to best access our Portal for all your reporting and account management. If needed, they’ll also be there to give guidance on optimizing your authorization rates, plus other tips for smoother payments in general. Once you’re fully onboarded, your dedicated Relationship Manager will only be a call or email away in case you need to clarify something or just want to know more.

At Payvision, we’re passionate about making payments straightforward. That’s why you can count on all of us—from Sales, Customer Excellence, Finance, IT and more—to support you on this journey, whenever you need. Come join our Payvision family!

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