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Illustration of mobile and desktop device
Illustration of mobile and desktop device

What is EPS payment method?

The EPS payment system is a favorite way to pay for over 60% of Austrians using digital banking services. Supported by all Austrian banks, it’s a secure payment method that gives account holders an easy and speedy way to pay for purchases using their preferred bank’s services.

Supporting EPS payment puts you in play with over 80% of merchants in Austria, and helps you grow your business in Europe. We’ll help you reach more of Austria’s highly digitalized market of shoppers, enjoy lowered fraud risk levels, and get paid within minutes with low fees per successful transaction.

The EPS payment system gives your customers the freedom to use a familiar payment method that’s native to their locality, in an environment they’re familiar with that requires no additional sign-up process.

And here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Guaranteed business with less paperwork: Customers are automatically enrolled with EPS payments through their banks, giving you access to a growing user base without worrying about registrations.
  • Lower fraud risk levels: Customers must authenticate payments with their banks, meaning very little disputes or chargebacks.
  • Fast, secure settlement: Get paid quickly when you accept one of Austria’s top trusted payment methods.
  • Reach more Austrian shoppers: EPS payments serve over 2.5 million Austrian account holders with a growing number of users daily.

How does EPS payment work?

To use the EPS payment method, your customers log into their own Austrian online banking account and authorize payment. The funds are then directly debited from their bank account, and you’ll see real-time confirmation once the payment’s through.

Successful EPS payments are irrevocable, so you can proceed to fulfill orders immediately, with transaction security that’s guaranteed by your customer’s bank.

1. Shopper selects EPS and specifies their bank at the checkout screen. They are then redirected to their bank app or website.
2. Shopper enters account details and authorizes the payment using a bank-defined method.
3. Shopper is redirected back to the merchant page.

How to accept EPS payments

Payvision makes it simple for you to start accepting the EPS payment method and get paid instantly.

Install a Plugin, or choose from our Full Redirection method or Embedded method of directly integrating EPS payments, and we’ll take care of the complete checkout process for you.

Alternatively, create a server-to-server link to our simple but powerful Payments API, or send a Payment Link to your customers to request Payments.

Learn all the details you need to know about our integration options here.

We’ve also got all the documentation you need, and a dedicated support team on standby to help with any issues you might have.

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Start accepting EPS Payments with Payvision

At Payvision, we’re all about creating the frictionless payment experiences that help our merchants expand their businesses. Talk to us to learn how you can start supporting EPS payments today.

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