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Illustration of a mobile and desktop apps
Illustration of a mobile and desktop apps

What’s the iDeal payment method?

iDeal is an interbank system all major Dutch consumer banks participate in. It’s a trusted, secure and convenient way for your customers to pay for their purchases online. Since its introduction in 2005, iDeal has become the most widely used payment method in the Netherlands, and for good reason.

With iDeal, you’ll receive payments within minutes, with no hidden fees involved. Enjoy lowered fraud risk levels, and pay only for successful transactions. 

The iDeal payment method brings a host of benefits for both merchants and consumers. There’s hardly a reason not to get on board!

Merchants enjoy:

  • Real-time confirmation and low fees: know instantly if a payment goes through or not, with low fees per successful transaction
  • Seamless integration on your e-commerce platform with all major Dutch banks: including ABN AMRO, Handelsbanken, ING, Knab, Rabobank, RegioBank, Friesland Bank and more
  • Higher conversion rates: iDeal is a highly popular way to pay, and is used more often than credit cards
  • Lower fraud risk levels: Customers must authenticate payments with their banks, lowering the risk of disputes or chargebacks.
  • Hit the ground running: Start receiving payments immediately with no sign ups required

Your customers enjoy:

  • A user friendly experience: By being able to pay securely, in an environment they’re familiar with
  • On-the-go flexibility: iDeal is easy to use on mobile devices or via mobile banking apps
  • Delightfully simple transactions: There’s no need to create additional usernames and passwords, or share credentials with iDeal payment providers

How do iDeal payments work?

Using iDeal is a piece of cake for anyone who has an online banking account with any participating Dutch banks. 

Upon check out, your customers are taken to their preferred online banking environments to log in and authorize payments directly from their accounts. The best part? Payments are irrevocable, so you can process orders immediately, and transaction security is guaranteed by your customer’s bank, lowering your risk of fraud.

1. Shopper selects iDeal and specifies their bank at the checkout screen. They are then redirected to their bank app or website.
2. Shopper checks payment details and authorizes the payment using a bank-defined methods, incl. passcode, faceID etc.
3. Shopper is redirected back to the merchant page.

How to integrate the iDeal payment method

Our easy-to-use API makes integration a cinch on your e-commerce platform, with options to help you start using iDeal quickly and securely.

Integrate via Plugins

Receive payments immediately by installing a plugin into your e-commerce environment. We’re currently supporting Magento, Salesforce, WooCommerce and Lightspeed. 

Direct integration 

We’ll host the complete checkout process that complies with all the necessary regulations. Choose from our Full Redirection method, where customers are redirected to our form when it’s time to pay, or the Embedded method which keeps them from leaving your website. We’ll take care of the rest.

Alternatively, create a server-to-server link to our Payment API to start receiving payments, or send a Payment Link to your customers to request payments. 

Learn all the details you need to know about our integration options here. We’ve also got all the documentation you need, and a dedicated support team on standby for any issues you might have. So why wait?

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