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illustration of a card with a hand
illustration of a card with a hand

What is Maestro payment?

Introduced by Mastercard in 1991, Maestro is a brand of debit and prepaid cards that allow cardholders to shop securely online and instore in over 100 countries worldwide.

Over 666 million Maestro cards are currently in circulation, a large number of which are issued by European banks in Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and more.

Maestro card payments are highly trusted and secure, whether consumers are shopping locally or internationally. If you’re looking to grow your business in Europe, then it’s essential to accept Maestro payments.

Merchants enjoy:

  • Simplified, reliable transactions for your customers: Maestro cardholders can pay for their purchases wherever your brand has a POS, online or in-store, and feel less friction when it’s time to purchase.
  • Guaranteed safety: Since Maestro payments are taken directly out of a cardholder’s linked account, it is always guaranteed. So you can proceed with fulfilling orders immediately.
  • Wide global reach: Access over 12 million stores, 6000 webshops and 250 million consumers globally who prefer to use Maestro in virtually any sector.

How does Maestro work?

Maestro cardholders can get a card from an associated bank of choice, while Maestro prepaid cards don’t require a bank account to obtain. Maestro cards work just like any other debit or prepaid card, and can be used online or instore to pay contactlessly.

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To integrate Maestro into your business, we’ll set you up with a server-to-server connection so you can accept any Maestro branded cards.

Got a question along the way? Check out our Maestro developer notes, or chat with one of our dedicated support team team members.

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Start accepting Maestro Online with Payvision

At Payvision, we’re all about connecting our merchants with the right payment methods to boost success. Want to start accepting Maestro online payment payments? Talk to us to get started today.

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