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What are Mastercard payments?

Mastercard is one of the world’s largest payment networks with nearly 1 billion credit and debit cards in circulation. Mastercard payments are made by 1.9 billion users transacting in 150 currencies, making it a global leader in the co-branded card market.

Supporting Mastercard payments opens your doors to receive payments securely from anywhere in the world, whether your customers are shopping online or in-store. Expand your global presence and become a preferred merchant by accepting one of Europe’s favorite payment methods.

Merchants enjoy:

  • Global connectivity and usage: Mastercard payments are accepted in 210 territories and leads the market in key regions such as Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland.
  • Higher conversion rates: Get increased sales with less friction and improve your customer relationships.
  • Multi-platform payments: Mastercard payments can be made via desktop, mobile device, in-app, point-of-sale terminal or through a mobile wallet such as Apple Pay.

Your customers enjoy:

  • Shopping confidence: with secure transactions and purchase protection guaranteed for each Mastercard purchase.
  • Buying from your brand: using a highly popular and preferred payment method they love.
  • The perks of it all: including travel rewards, cash back, and other benefits that come with being able to pay with bank-issued Mastercards.

How Mastercard payments work

Mastercard holders can pay for purchases, bills, or withdraw cash from over 1 million ATMs worldwide. Like Visa, Mastercard partners with member financial institutions to issue its cards, so accepting Mastercard payments allow your customers to pay in a variety of convenient ways, including via:

Mastercard debit or credit card Cards are linked to a user’s debit or credit account at a bank. Card numbers are entered at the checkout to complete a purchase online, or used in-store at a POS terminal
Digital wallets Digital wallets are linked to a card or bank account, and typically require user verification (e.g., SMS, 2FA or biometrics) to complete a payment
Bank debits Customers pay directly from their bank accounts using a Mastercard debit card
Buy now, pay later Post-purchase payments such as AfterPay or Klarna let users buy first and pay later using a linked Mastercard debit or credit account
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How to accept Mastercard payments?

Payvision enables merchants to accept secure payments across a wide range of digital channels with a single, powerful connection.

Our easy-to-use API and onboarding process gets you set up to start accepting Mastercard payments quickly whether you’re selling online or in-store. We’ll make sure you’re fully PCI-DSS compliant, and our transparent pricing structure puts you in the know, with no hidden fees involved.

Learn all the details you need to know about our integration options here.

We’ve also got all the documentation you need, and a dedicated support team on standby to answer all your questions.

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Start accepting Mastercard payments with Payvision

At Payvision, we’re driven to make frictionless payment experiences that help our merchants succeed. Reach more customers and grow your global brand with our smart payment solutions. Talk to us to get started today.

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