Accept Nexi (CartaSi) with Payvision

Grow your business in Europe when you accept Italy’s number one credit card.

Illustration of a hand with a nexi card
Illustration of a hand with a nexi card

What is Nexi?

Formerly known as CartaSi, Nexi is a Visa and MasterCard co-branded credit card scheme operated by Italian bank Nexi SpA. Over 50% of Italian shoppers use Nexi credit cards to pay for their purchases.

Accept Nexi (CartaSi) payments and give your Italian customer base the freedom to pay using a trusted, local method they’re already familiar with.

Merchants enjoy:

  • Being backed by Visa and Mastercard: so you can offer your customers the benefits of being a part of these international card schemes, including global usage, rewards programs and more.
  • Reaching a growing user base: reach over 13 million Italian online consumers using Nexi to shop every day.
  • Low fraud risk levels: with 3D Secure transactions that optimize security and lower fraud.

How does Nexi work?

Your customers use their Nexi credit cards the same way they use any other credit card when shopping in-store or on your site. All transactions are processed through the Visa or Mastercard gateways. If you’re set up to accept digital wallet payments, your customers can also use their Nexi credit cards via the Nexi app.

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Payvision makes it easy to integrate Nexi payments into your business, so you can start getting paid quickly and securely, with no hassles.

We’ll set you up with a server-to-server connection so you can accept any Visa or Mastercard co-branded Nexi card alongside all the payment options you already offer.

Got a question along the way? Our dedicated support team is on standby to make sure you’re getting all the help you need.

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Start accepting Nexi with Payvision

At Payvision, we’re all about helping our merchants expand their businesses with smoother payment experiences. Talk to us today to see how you can start accepting Nexi.

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