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Illustration of a PayPal user interface
Illustration of a PayPal user interface

What is PayPal Payment Method?

PayPal is a widely-used digital wallet payment method that allows your customers to pay for their purchases using a secure internet account. PayPal’s flexible set up allows customers to link a bank account, wallet and store money as a PayPal balance to shop online.

Supporting PayPal lets you cater to your shopper’s preferences, offering them a seamless payments experience that helps improve conversion and increase convenience when shopping with your brand.

PayPal is a globally prevalent and trusted payment method for online shoppers, and there’s a host of benefits for your business.

Merchants enjoy:

  • Access to a strong and growing user base: over 300 million active consumers use PayPal in over 200 countries, and this number is growing every day.
  • Customizable checkouts: easily tweak how you want PayPal and PayPal Credit (available in limited countries) buttons at your checkout pages to suit your brand.
  • Low fraud risk levels: PayPal’s Seller Protection safeguards your business against chargeback loss, reversals and claims on eligible payments

How does PayPal Payment Method work?

To use PayPal, consumers must create a personal account which can then be used to pay for online purchases via credit card, bank transfer or their PayPal balance.

Your customers can also use PayPal from their mobile devices without needing to enter any banking or credit card details during checkout.

Payvision makes it simple to get on board PayPal so you can start accepting payments quickly. We’ll set you up with a server-to-server connection, and you’ll get paid in three easy steps.

1. Shopper chooses PayPal at your checkout and logs into their account to pay.
2. Shopper confirms and completes the payment.
3. Shopper is taken back to your website and sees a confirmation page.

Got a question along the way? Check out our PayPal developer notes, or reach out to one of our dedicated support team members.

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Start accepting PayPal with Payvision

At Payvision, we’ll help you bring the best payment experiences to more of the world’s shoppers, so your business can become truly global. Want to start accepting PayPal payments? Talk to us to get started today.

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