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Illustration of a hand holding a mobile device
Illustration of a hand holding a mobile device

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a digital wallet used by millions around the world to make payments via any Samsung Galaxy, or other compatible device. Using the Samsung Pay app, your customers can shop quickly and securely online, in-app or in-store at a POS terminal.

Samsung Pay uses magnetic secure transmission (MST) technology to ensure that contactless phone payments can also be accepted at older terminals which normally require a card swipe. Since its launch in 2015, Samsung Pay has become a preferred digital wallet service, surpassing over 1 billion transactions globally to date.

Accepting Samsung Pay at your checkout gives your customers the flexibility to buy from you using a payment method that’s highly secure and personalized. And here’s where you’ll benefit:

  • Hit the ground running: There’s no need to update your existing card readers or obtain an NFC terminal. Samsung Pay helps you accept contactless payments without delay.
  • Seamless checkouts: Customers using Samsung Pay stay within your checkout flow for the entire transaction, without being redirected to third-party sites.
  • Next level payment security: Samsung’s Iris Scan Authentication technology lets shoppers authenticate purchases biometrically, while tokenization enhances payment security.
  • Zero transaction fees: There’s no need to pay extra fees when your customers use Samsung Pay to shop with you.

How to set up Samsung Pay online checkout

Customers can add up to 10 cards into their Samsung Pay app before shopping at your store. Once set up, they can use any Samsung Galaxy device to pay contactlessly in your store, or via a simple 3-step process when purchasing online on your website.

1. Shopper selects Samsung Pay in the checkout.
2. Shopper authorizes payment with a pre-defined method (PIN, fingerprint or iris).
3. Shopper is redirected back to the merchant page.

Samsung Pay works with most global card issuers and payment providers, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and more. To get on board, you’ll need to ensure your business is PCI compliant and integrated with the appropriate Samsung API(s).

After that, all you need to do is integrate with Payvision via a server-to-server connection, and you’ll be able to accept all major cards with us through our acquiring engine.

Learn all the details you need to know in our developer documentation. We’ve also got a dedicated support team on standby to help answer any questions you might have.

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