Payvision has been granted EPSM Membership

Representing the Interests of our Clientele in Europe
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, February 16th, 2012 - Payvision, independent Payment Solution Provider specialized in Global Card Processing for the e-Commerce market, announces it has become member of EPSM, the European Payment Association representing the interests of Acquiring Banks, Payment Service Providers and their Merchants in Europe.


EPSM organizes quarterly meetings, during which external speakers are being invited to share information and expertise regarding global payments, technological innovation, market trends and changing legislation relevant to the European market. EPSM is in contact with the EU Commission, the ECB and with other European organizations through its Chairman, who is a member of the Payment System Market Expert Group of the European Commission.


During the past ten years, Payvision has expanded its global presence, with offices in Europe, the USA and Asia, establishing a worldwide network of Payment Service Providers and Acquiring Banks. Proven leadership in global card processing enables Payvision to act as an independent trusted advisor, sharing knowledge about card payments with the different stakeholders, which together form our Global Payment Network.


Becoming an EPSM Member, involves activities which enable Payvision to share expertise and stay updated regarding the complex issues involved in Global Card Processing and cross-border e-Commerce. By joining EPSM, Payvision remains updated regarding news which is relevant to our European business partners with whom we share our expertise. Payvision believes that creating a global acquiring network enhanced with innovative payment solutions, standardized through Best Practices ensure business growth.


“We understand the importance of exchanging innovative ideas about global card processing and the added value of sharing expertise with international Payment Service Providers and Acquirers at a European Level. As an EPSM Member we can represent the interests of our Business Partners and anticipate regulatory changes and increasing demands in a European e-commerce market unified by SEPA” says Rudolf Booker, CEO of Payvision.

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