FAQ Merchants

Are my funds safe?

Yes, your funds are completely safe. All merchant funds settled by Payvision are always separated from Payvision's finances and are safeguarded in a trusted third party bank account respecting the applicable laws and regulations.

Will I still receive my periodical settlements?

Yes, you will still receive your settlements from Payvision according to the agreed terms for the remainder of the provision of Payvision services. If applicable, settlements performed by one of our acquiring partners or alternative payment schemes remain unchanged as well (including chargebacks). Obviously, all outstanding Payvision invoices should be paid accordingly.

Should I expect any decreased processing performance?

No, our processing capabilities and performance remain unchanged. Our platforms will remain fully operational and at your disposal. As always, we can manage the peak processing during the holidays.

Will I still be able to perform refunds after my merchant account closure?

Yes, we will allow refunds to be performed for 30 days after the termination date. For any refunds after this period, we advise to use an alternative means of payment.

What will happen to my rolling reserve or upfront deposit?

If a rolling reserve or upfront deposit has been applied to your merchant account, any potential remaning funds will be released to your bank account registered in our system after a chargeback window of 180 days after termination.

Can Payvision meet its financial obligations?

Yes. ING, our shareholder, has decided to renounce the ownership of Payvision and close the company. This will be done in an orderly and controlled manner where the settlement process remains the same untill the termination date.

Can I migrate my tokenized transactions to another provider?

Yes, we will provide support for token migration should you want to migrate the tokens to another provider. Please direct such requests to [email protected] at least two weeks prior to the termination date. If another gateway provider is involved, we suggest reaching out to them first.

Who do I need to contact for an alternative solution?

If you're processing with Payvision through one of our partners, then please reach out to them directly to discuss a potential alternative Payments solution. If no intermediary is involved, we unfortunately cannot direct you to another provider.

I want to terminate my merchant account right now.

We do understand if you'd like to terminate your merchant account sooner than the provided termination date. Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] for such requests so we can accommodate accordingly.

Who do I contact?

Please direct any further questions to [email protected] If a dedicated Relationship Manager was appointed to you, then he/she will be there to answer any questions which weren’t addressed in this FAQ. As we're anticipating many calls and emails, it might take some time for our teams to get back to you. Your patience is greatly appreciated.