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Mobile Payments: a Shifting landscape - A Future in which Cash is Mobile

Mobile Payments: a Shifting landscape ReportWhile giants battle for their market share, young innovators develop new mobile payment methods, inspired by the future. Backed by major investors with decades of experience and a keen eye for potential success, innovative payment start-ups may become serious competition for those major players, who miss the flexibility and agility to adapt to consumer’s expectations, influenced by regional differences and changing markets which are subject to constant fluctuations.

Marketing research confirms that mobile users tend to trust mobile payment solutions which are driven by financial institutions, banks and/or credit card companies. With market leaders focusing on the needs of technologically developed regions, we will see how the masses in the developing regions are pushing this mobile revolution in yet another direction.  In order to be successful, both industry giants and small innovative start-ups, have to be aware of huge differences in regional user’s needs, concerns and expectations.

This White Paper discusses the ways in which smartphones are becoming preferred payment devices. Mobile payment transaction volume is expected to increase at an annual rate of 40% - 60%. The amount of mobile payment users has exploded; from 73 million in 2009,  141 Million in 2011, an expected 190 Million in 2013, to 448 million mobile payment users in 2016.  
Which markets will be most affected by this mobile revolution and in which regions; the developed countries, attracted by the comfort of additional financial services and trendy gadgets, or the unbanked developing markets, led by the emerging BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South-Africa).

This Paper explores regional differences and sheds light on the challenges and business opportunities ahead.

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