Account holder authentication value verification services enhancements

Mastercard 01/05/2018

What’s changing?

As part of earlier changes announced concerning the 3- D secure authentication protocol, Mastercard is releasing further updates associated to Mastercard Identity Check and Accountholder Authentication Value (AAV) verification services.

Mastercard Identity Check is the successor of Mastercard SecureCode.

New data elements will be added to provide information about the authenticated transaction, associating a Mastercard Identity Check transaction to any subsequent transactions. The change requires merchants integrated with Payvision’s MPI and merchants with an external MPI, to support additional fields in authorization and clearing.

What does the change mean?

For Mastercard Identity Check or SecureCode transactions, new data elements are added to the authorization and clearing messages, which require the merchants’ MPI processor to support the new fields.

How will this affect you?

Mastercard will release further specifics around the required fields. A merchant technical integration document will be released in due course.

Effective date

6 November 2018