Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) exemption indicator pricing

Mastercard 06/06/2020

What’s changing?

MasterCard has categorized the SCA indicators in two groups:

Billable indicators

  • Low Value Exemption
  • TRA Exemption
  • Trusted Beneficiary Exemption

Non-billable indicators

  • Secure Corporate Payment Exemption
  • Merchant Initiated Transaction
  • Recurring Payment
  • Authentication Outage Exception

Merchants can use these indicators to inform issuers of the relevant exemption type for not applying SCA.

Mastercard announced that the use of any billable indicators will be priced at EUR 0.02 per transaction.

What do these changes mean?

Currently there are no charges for using an exemption indicator. However, from the 5th of October 2020, a fee of EUR 0.02 per transaction will apply when a Low Value, TRA or Trusted Beneficiary exemption indicator has been used.

How will this affect you?

These charges will be passed on to merchants who use one of the above-mentioned exemption indicators.

Effective date

October 5, 2020

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