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Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) exemption indicator pricing

Mastercard 24/02/2020

What’s changing?

We’ve implemented the SCA exemption indicators as outlined below. Merchants can use these to inform issuers when indicating the relevant exemption for not applying SCA:

  • Low Value Exemption
  • TRA Exemption
  • Trusted Beneficiary Exemption
  • Secure Corporate Payment Exemption

Mastercard announced the pricing for each of these indicators at EUR 0.02 per transaction.

What does the change mean?

At the moment there are no charges for using an exemption indicator. However, as of April 6, 2020, EUR 0.02 will apply per transaction when an exemption indicator has been used.

How will this affect you?

These charges will be passed on to merchants who use one of the abovementioned exemption indicators.

Effective date

April 6, 2020