High-risk purchase identifier enhancement

Mastercard 01/04/2019

What’s changing?

Mastercard will create the ability for acquirers and their merchants to notify issuers when a transaction involves the purchase of a cryptocurrency or high-risk securities. New identifier values will be defined that merchants must provide in the authorization message when the purchase involves cryptocurrency using MCC 6051 (Quasi-Cash-Merchant) or high-risk securities using MCC 6211 (Securities -Brokers/Dealers).

What does the change mean?

Payvision will update technical integration documents with the new identifiers:

  • P70 (Cryptocurrency) only allowed with MCC 6051
  • P71 (High-risk Securities) only allowed with MCC 6211

Merchants are required to provide these identifiers in the authorization message when a Mastercard purchase involves cryptocurrency or high-risk securities.

How will this affect you?

Merchants are required to update their APIs to the latest integration specifications from Payvision, which will be shared in due course.

Effective date

November 5, 2019