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New fee for card not present and mail order/telephone order in the single European payments area

Mastercard 01/03/2018

What’s changing?

A new fee is being introduced for Card Not Present (CNP) within the Single European Payments Area (SEPA) and an incremental Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) fee.

What does the change mean?

The new CNP fee applies to all CNP transactions, which includes MOTO transactions. The CNP fee will NOT apply to Intra-European transactions where the country codes of the merchant and the issuer are both in the extended Eurozone (Euro-countries and Sweden) and the transaction currency is euros (EUR).

How will this affect you?

See rates in below table:

Fee Domestic Intra-European Inter-regional
CNP N/A 0.025% 0.050%
MOTO 0.025% 0.025% 0.050%

Effective date

  • 9 July 2018 for most countries
  • 7 January 2019 for Andorra, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain