New workflow in the escalation process for disputes

Mastercard 14/07/2020

What’s changing?

MasterCard is introducing a new flow of handling the escalation process, please read below all details needed for better understanding.

What do these changes mean?

Arbitration Chargeback (Second Chargeback) is been eliminated and will no longer apply to disputes.

Issuer is able to initiate:

  • Pre-Arbitration
  • Arbitration
  • Pre-Compliance
  • Compliance

How will this affect you?

You will be notified by us for all above mentioned stages by email in the same way as you have been notified for all existing dispute stages, deadlines will also be included and need to be adhere to for processing the cases in a timely manner.


Any filing fee USD/EUR 150
Withdrawal/Accept fee USD/EUR 150
Administrative fee USD/EUR 250
Any technical violation fee USD/EUR 100
Mastercard will assess the Customer requesting an appeal the following fee USD/EUR 500

Mastercard - first chargebacks processed on or after 17 July 2020

Effective date

July 17, 2020