Gambling merchants must comply with local laws

VISA 01/11/2019

What’s changing?

Visa would like to remind all merchants that they should not introduce illegal gambling transactions into the payment system. Acquirers must ensure that gambling transactions are correctly identified in the authorization message so that they may be blocked by issuers where required by law. Acquirers should also make sure that these transactions are blocked in markets where gambling is prohibited.

What does the change mean?

Visa was recently notified by regulators in Australia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Japan, Vietnam and the U.S. about online gambling laws that prohibit unlicensed and illegal gambling transactions. Recently, several regulators have introduced new gambling laws or increased enforcement activities for existing laws.

How will this affect you?

If, as a gambling merchant, you’re currently operating in regulated countries where a license is required in order to operate, or if all gambling activity is strictly prohibited, you may see a spike in declined transaction coming from these countries.

Effective date