Important changes to 3D Secure rules to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

VISA 01/11/2019

What’s changing?

Visa is announcing some changes to help accelerate deployment of EMV 3D Secure.

  • Effective immediately and up until March 14, 2020, merchants will receive fraud liability protection on fully authenticated EMV 3DS transactions. When an issuer is not EMV 3DS-ready, merchants should send a 3DS 1.0 request, or process as ECI 07 non-authenticated transactions.
  • Effective as of 14 March 2020: Merchants will receive fraud liability protection on both EMV 3DS-authenticated and on EMV 3DS-attempted authentication transactions (when European issuers do not support EMV 3DS). Merchants will continue to receive fraud liability protection on 3DS 1.0 transactions on European issued cards.

What does the change mean?

Visa is making some important changes to support the ecosystem in achieving full compliance within the recommended 18 month transition period for Strong Customer Authentication, which ensures enough time for testing and deployment to merchants.

How will this affect you?

Until March 14, 2020 merchants supporting EMV 3DS should ensure they send a 3DS 1.0 request to receive liability shift when Issuers do not support EMV 3DS.

Effective date

  • September 14, 2019
  • March 14, 2020