New mandate for OCTs in Canada

Visa 11/05/2021
Update for: MCC Code 7995 (betting) and 6211 (security brokers/dealers)

What’s changing?

To comply to new regulatory changes in Canada, VISA published some adjustments in the Original Credit Transaction (OCTs) processing. You should now include the recipient’s information for cross-border OCTs, when either you or the cardholder belong to Canada.

NB) cross-border transaction = transaction happening when your country and the issuer’s country are different.

What do these changes mean?

All VISA’s Original Credit Transactions (OCTs) that go into and come out of Canada now need to have information about the recipient in the authorization request. Non-compliant transactions will be declined, and you could face potential non-compliance fee assessments.

Here’s two examples to see when the new regulation applies and when not:

  • When you are in the Netherlands and you process an Original Credit Transaction (OCT) for a card issued in Canada, then you’re required to send the recipient’s information.
  • When you are in Netherlands processing an OCT for a card issued in Germany, you do not need to send any additional information, since this transaction is not going into Canada, and it wasn’t issued from Canada.
New Fields

You’re required to provide information in the fields listed below for VISA Original Credit Transaction (OCT), for cross-border OCTs when you or the cardholder belong to Canada.

  • Address Line 1 - mandatory: address line of the recipient
  • City Name – mandatory: city name of the recipient
  • State – mandatory: state code of the recipient. It has to be a state code of two characters valid in Canada.
  • Country – mandatory: country code of the recipient. The format is ISO A3, as in CAN for Canada (see the full list here ).

How will this affect you?

You’re required to enhance the API integration with Gateway or your intermediate partner to include the additional data fields as listed above.

Effective date

June 1, 2021

Do you need more info? Feel free to reach out to your dedicated Account Manager, or the Payvision support team at