VISA introduces new single message oct origination requirements for acquirers, PSPS and merchant originators in Europe

VISA 01/02/2018

What’s changing?

Visa will mandate “Single Message” origination for all original credit transactions (OCTs) processed through Visa.

Current situation

OCT’s are sent via the “Dual Message” system which means authorization and clearing are separate messages. Single Message means authorization and clearing are combined in 1 message.

What does the change mean?

Effective immediately, Visa requires all new OCT programs to be processed using the Single Message System for Europe. All existing OCT programs may continue to be used via the current Dual Message transaction messaging system.

How will this affect you?

Effective 12 April 2019, all existing and new OCT programs must be processed as Single Message.

Payvision will update the technical integration documents for sending OCTs together with instructions for merchants.

Effective date

  • 12 April 2019 for existing OCT-programs
  • Immediately for new OCT-programs