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U.S. acquirer international service assessment on purchase transactions will be modified

VISA 01/07/2018

What’s changing?

Visa will modify the U.S. Acquirer International Service Assessment (AISA) for purchase transactions.

What does the change mean?

  • The base AISA rate will be increased by 0.20 percent to 1.00 percent on purchase transactions.
  • The enhanced AISA rate will be increased by 0.20 percent to 1.40 percent on purchase transactions.

The AISA rates for cash transactions will not change under this modification.

The International Acquiring Fee rates for purchase transactions will remain at current rates and will not distinguish between multicurrency and single currency transactions or between base and enhanced assessments.

How will this affect you?

These charges will be passed on to merchants. See below table for current and updated AISA rates for U.S. merchants:

Rate Current New (per 13 April 2019)
Base 0.80% 1.00%
Enhanced 1.20% 1.40%

Effective date

13 April 2019