VISA 01/03/2019


The Payment Service Directive 2 regulatory deadline is set for September 14th, 2019.

Thus, from September 2019 onwards, all (digital) transactions require strong customer authentication across all devices and channels. During the 3DS online authentication process, issuers may wish to upgrade the strong customer authentication method by requesting additional information from the cardholder. Some examples of this include: requesting one-time passwords, using biometrics or applying knowledge-based authentication.

Overall, strong customer authentication will provide a faster, more seamless and secure checkout experience for the consumer, whilst promoting higher conversion and reduced fraud rates.

What’s changing?

With the transition to the latest EMV 3DS standard later this year, Visa is rebranding its existing 3D Secure authentication brand, from “Verified by Visa” to “Visa Secure”.

What does the change mean?

All product- and consumer-facing material from merchants should replace the existing Verified by Visa logo with the new Visa Secure badge.

How will this affect you?

The new Visa logo can be applied by all merchants that have adopted the latest EMV 3DS standard (3DS 2.0) on their e-commerce checkout pages.

The Verified by Visa logo will be replaced by the Visa Secure badge, accompanied by the tagline: “Your online transactions are secure with Visa”.

New VISA Secure logo

VISA Secure new logo


“Your online transactions are secure with Visa.”

There will be a transition period whereby both 3DS version 1.0 and 2.0 will run in parallel, until version 1.0 is entirely retired. Only 3DS 2.0-compliant merchants are expected to update their logo and descriptive texts concerning 3DS authentication.

Effective date

October 1, 2019