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Make sure buyers and sellers get their piece of the pie with automated split payouts. Designed for online marketplaces, P2Ps and more.

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International transactions have never been easier

With SlicePay, there’ll always be enough to go around. Automate complicated cross-border split settlements without disrupting your natural business flow. SlicePay will optimize your payments and give you more time and resources for focusing on growing your business.

Speedy onboarding

Have your sellers on board stat with SlicePay’s easy-to-integrate RESTful API. You can get to slicing right away and they’ll see the funds flowing in just as quickly. Take advantage of our Know-Your-Customer checks and validation too and you’re all set.

Pretty little payouts

Send funds directly to a recipient’s bank account in their local currency – just the way they want to get paid. No more worries about wallets slowing down your payments game. Payouts are supported in all SEPA countries, the Nordics, Switzerland, the UK and Eastern Europe.

Adapt like a chameleon

SlicePay can be built right into your existing platform. Just adapt our simple API to follow your business logic with ease. We’re not here to get in between you and the buyer – they don’t even need to know we’re there at all.

PSD2 head start

We’ve got your back with PSD2. We’re fully compliant so you don’t have to worry about being up to date on the new rules, especially with changes to the Commercial Agent Exemption. Just spend more time focusing on your company’s future.

Work like a boss, no matter your industry

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Online marketplaces

SlicePay keeps online marketplaces in control of their split payouts. The buyer’s funds are safe and secure until the order has been fully processed and the goods are shipped. What’s that give you? Ultimate data security and satisfaction on every transaction.


Slice funds on the spot to the relevant branch in any region. Product orders get fulfilled right away and delivered to the customer. Something returned in a different store? No biggie. We automate the refund processing so everyone in the chain’s satisfied.

P2P marketplaces

Stay on top of your split payouts with SlicePay. We’ll keep the buyer’s funds safe and secure until their order’s been processed and the service delivered. Sit back and enjoy having all those happy customers.

Online travel agencies

SlicePay lets you split all settlements. Make sure vacationers’ funds are secure until their order’s been processed and they’ve checked into their accommodations, boarded their flight or picked up their road trip wheels.

Reporting in real time

Get an overview of all your payment activities in one straightforward interface. Explore insights that make sense, plus all the details on your split payouts.


Keep fraud in check 

Sayonara, fraudsters! Our machine learning fraud solution makes sure you get the most out of every transaction, with fewer chargebacks and false positives for an enhanced customer journey.

Fraud management

Jump right on board, easy as pie

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Integrate fast with one RESTful API
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All set! Start splitting payouts

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