The Mobile Payments Report 2016

An omnichannel evolution

Mobile Payments Report 2016 - An omnichannel evolutionToday, consumers are unequivocally more mobile: almost half of all digital payments are now mobile. With total global retail still comprising over 90 percent traditional commerce, however, mobile payments are still just one piece of an omnichannel retail puzzle.


If you’re an ecommerce merchant suffering damaged conversion in a more mobile era, or a physical retailer aspiring to bring a more personalized experience to your store, our mobile payments white paper can help.


Considering your target market is key. Generation Z (18-24 year olds) are twice as likely to use mobile payments as other age groups, for example. In China, only 25 percent of people use credit cards, yet 66 percent use a smartphone.


In this year’s report, we predict the mobile payments future. We discuss the expected growth for individual channels such as SMS, m-commerce and mPOS. We break down the principal barriers to adoption, and analyze the trends per region by discussing which markets experience the strongest acceptance, and why.


Exploring mobile payments and omnichannel retail can facilitate cleaner in-store sales, maximize revenue and win brand trust. Our mobile payments white paper outlines the best channels for your business.


We have created an accompanying infographic outlining the key mobile payments data from this report. Download your free copy of the Mobile Payments Infographic.


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Download Mobile Payments Report 2016

Download Mobile Payments Report 2016
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