Webinar on Cross-Border eCommerce in collaboration with CardNotPresent


On Thursday, October 24th, Global Card Processor Payvision organized a Webinar about the Key Business Drivers & Opportunities in Cross-Border E-Commerce in collaboration with CardNotPresent, who conducted the Survey on which both the Report and this Webinar is based. For those key-executives in the Global Acquiring and Online Payments industry, who were not able to attend this interesting Webinar, we have made this video-on-demand available.





Rolf Visser, Michael Burtscher and Joe Emig were the Speakers during this Webinar and DJ Murphy was the Moderator; executives with a proven track-record in the CNP Payments sector. Together, they discussed the current state of e-commerce and the factors which contribute to a market’s e-commerce readiness. How do you identify today’s “hot” e-commerce markets and how to overcome the logistic and legal challenges which merchants and PSPs face when entering Emerging Markets? Subjects which are the key-topics in both the Survey and in Payvision’s latest Report which zooms in on Key Business Drivers & Opportunities in Cross-Border E-Commerce and which can be found in our White Paper Library.


VP Global Marketing Rolf Visser presented the three key takeaways of the Survey and the importance of research and education to boost cross border ecommerce, by introducing the Cross-Border eCommerce Knowledge Hub (CBEC) which Payvision initiated in tight collaboration with PAY.ON, ReD and World IT Lawyers. An initiative, endorsed by ThePaypers and eCommerce Europe. CBEC aims to educate and support Acquiring Banks, PSPs, ISOs and their Merchants, by sharing key-data and expertise about challenges and opportunities which cross-border ecommerce presents to the CNP Payments Industry. VP Global Business Development Michael Burtscher highlighted the legislative hurdles around taxation and zoomed in on Australia as a cross-border power shopper hub and VP International Acquiring Joe Emig, explained Payvision’s “Connect & Grow” proposition within the cross-border e-commerce Value Chain and the various ways in which all stakeholders can benefit by partnering in one Global Acquiring Network.


The outcome of the Survey led to surprising conclusions, which were discussed and highlighted during the Webinar for which almost 200 attendees had registered. Payvision and CardNotPresent kindly invite you to download the Report, scroll through the results of the Survey and to watch this video-on-demand.

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